Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to Store and Dispose Hammer 400 EC

Hammer 400EC contains Carfentrazone-Ethyl as its active component with liquid Hydrocarbon as the solvent.  Available in 1 and 5 litre packs, it is recommended for agriculturaland crop protection purposes to regulate the development of big-leafed weeds and marshmallows before the creation of fallows and wide acre crops in public services, industrial, and commercial areas as well as in the region of agricultural yards and structures, and in tank mixture with low quality herbicides.  It is also effective in curbing other annoyances that grow in coarse grass and grass fields.  Hammer 400EC can also assist in re-growing dehydrated cotton and regulate volunteer cotton seedlings comprising of Roundup Ready® cotton.

To ensure the efficacy of Hammer 400EC, the user must follow the subsequent safety measures in its storage and disposal.

·         The herbicide must be stored in a properly ventilated and cool room.  It must be in its primary container and sealed.

·         Avoid storing it directly under the sun.

·         Pressure-rinse the container before discarding it and put rinsings to the spray tank.

·         If container is for reuse, put the cap back and give the washed containers to the elected recycling unit.  If it is not, break the container and put it in a toxic waste dumping ground authorized by the local government.

·         If there is no authorized toxic waste dumping ground, put it 500 mm deep in a clearance cavity.

·         Do not set drained containers on fire.

Inhalation of Hammer 400EC is dangerous, as it may irritate the throat and nose. 
Keep it far from the eyes and skin because it can lead to irritation.  Allergic disorders may likewise arise if a person gets exposed repeatedly.  

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